Dependentule de Twitter, asta-i masina care ti se potriveste!

Nici mie nu-mi place deloc conceptul BB1 de la Peugeot, dar uite aici o parere si mai agresiva. Care aduce masina asta direct in garajul celor pentru care Twitter-ul este indispensabil.

After all the silly things that were made possible because of the stupid microblog, some people still tend to go out of their way to post silly, unnecessary one-liners about their personal stuff on Twitter. Best part? There are a bunch of smart corporate who exploit these dorks. In this case we have Peugeot who have dished out their latest offering, the BB1, that will have an iPod dock on the steering wheel of the vehicle that connects to the entertainment system of the whole vehicle. You can juggle around with the radio controls, navigation settings and the Internet. Imagine ‘enjoying’ everything that’s on your iPhone, throughout the car (and of course, looting your very own private messages off the net). Silly enough.

Sunt si eu curios. Care dintre twitter-isti cred ca masina asta ii reprezinta?? Poate o declaram masina oficiala a utilizatorilor Twitter! :))

bb1 0909ds0111 Dependentule de Twitter, asta i masina care ti se potriveste!

Peugeot BB1 - Twitter car?!

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