Cum poti deveni jurnalist auto

Scrii despre masini si esti platit pentru asta. Ba chiar iti trec prin mana zeci de masini pe an, inveti sa conduci bine, ajungi pe diverse circuite din lume pe care in mod normal n-ai avea acces si…. esti platit pentru asta.

Suna bine? Chiar este! icon smile Cum poti deveni jurnalist auto

Jurnalistii de la Evo spun exact cum trebuie sa incepi daca vrei sa devii jurnalist auto. Cititi intregul articol si amintiti-va mereu ca prima conditie pentru profesia asta este sa fii pasionat de ceea ce faci. Nu este suficient, dar este absolut necesar!

It sounds thunderingly obvious, but if you want to drive supercars as a motoring journalist, you must be able to write. Simple as. It doesn’t matter if you were miming opposite lock in the womb, said ‘car’ as your first word and have an encyclopaedic knowledge of compression ratios, if you can’t write in a way that informs and entertains the readership, then you’re not going to make it as a journalist.

So, if your ambition is to test drive cars for a magazine, newspaper or website, write. Write lots. About cars and experiences. Get published if you can, in student newsletters, club magazines, local newspapers, wherever, because knowing your work is going to be read by an audience makes you think about it more, and you need to hone your skills.

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